Friday, 31 July 2009

Microfinance and biochar

Check out if you are not familar with the concept. I think this is an ideal vehicle for promoting biochar in the developing world. It could also be an avenue for distribution of stoves.

Some concepts & issues:

  1. This will allow targeted lending to biochar development.
  2. Loan repayment may have to be structured to follow increased harvest / production.
  3. Lender takes the risk associated with increase in production?
  4. If borrowing was for purchase of biochar for soil enhancement, then it may create a increased demand for charcoal?
  5. This may create local demand & markets for waste biomass.
  6. Could help develop local retort technology, pyrolysis entrepreurs & local energy production.
  7. A structure may be provided for better feed-back on soil enhancement outcomes.
  8. A structure may be provided for carbon credit value distribution (loan repayment?)
  9. How can stove distribution be integrated?
A proposal would need to be prepared to educate/lobby the MF organisations. Maybe a subject for IBI to support or lead in the future.

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