Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Regional biochar training program?

Is there an opportunity here for a regional biochar training program.
This could bring expertise to support local biochar supporters, groups or NGO's.
It should also be a great opportunity for mature CHAB technology demonstration projects.
Your feedback / ideas welcome.

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From: EEP Mekong Programme <>
Date: 29 May 2017 at 16:52

                EEP Mekong Programme


The Energy and Environment Partnership Programme with theMekong Region - EEP Mekong, funded by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, aims to improve access to sustainable energy in the EEP Mekong partner countries Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.
This Call-for-Proposals (CfP-8) is aiming at both Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and private sector companies in clean energy to propose projects.  CSO can propose pilot projects on a smaller scale whereas private sector projects should be close to commercial maturity and have potential for scaling-up.
Minimum project value for both applications (CSO and private sector) is Euro 250,000. CSO projects can be funded (grant) of up to 60% of project value.
Private sector projects can receive project grant support of up to Euro 1,000,000 depending on the project size and the level of verifiable self-financing of the project developer.
EEP Mekong is inviting CfP applications in only one step as Full Project Proposals.

To be eligible, projects have to be implemented in one or more of the EEP Mekong partner countries - Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. The programme developers have to be registered in one or more of the above partner countries or Finland.
Interested project developers are requested to submit their Project proposal online through the link provided at EEP Mekong on or before 30 June 2017, at 16:00 hrs,Vientiane time.
For detailed information about EEP Mekong programme and how to apply for project funding (CfP-8), please visit
or contact
Bernhard Meyhöfer, Programme Manager
Cosme de Arana, Business Development Expert

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Thursday, 11 May 2017

2nd China-Asian Workshop on Biochar... 18-21 Nov.

Co/ Tom Miles post here....

2nd China-Asian Workshop on Biochar Production and Application for Green Agriculture-from Technology to Viable Systems

First call
Following a successful meeting of the 1st China-East Asian Biochar Workshop in October 2016, the 2nd China- Asian Biochar Workshop is scheduled to take place during November 18-21, 2017. The theme of the workshop will be Biochar Production and Application for Green Agriculture-from Technology to Viable Systems. The workshop is aimed to enhance a joint exchange and sharing of the biochar developments between China and Asian countries and beyond, and an access to novel biochar technologies and viable systems for safe recycling of biowastes for green development. The workshop will be organized in alignment with an IBI board meeting, a training and exhibition of biochar production from straw, green waste, municipal sewage sludge and livestock manure and biochar products of    novel biochar-based soil conditioner/ameliorator, bio-medium for flower/vegetable nursery as well as novel organic/inorganic biochar compound fertilizers. A number of internationally well-known biochar experts will be invited to give keynote speeches for emerging trends in biochar science, technology and applications. Together with these, a joint exchange and discussion will be arranged between the scientists, engineers and business people both from China and Asian countries and beyond.
The workshop is organized under the authority of China Asian cooperation project, the China State Agency of Foreign Expert Affairs and the Asian Hub of Michigan State University and Nanjing Agricultural University. And the workshop will be jointly sponsored by the Biomass and Biochar Green Technology Center, NJAU, the Asian Center of International Biochar Initiative (IBI), Jinhua Institute of Biochar Technology and Engineering as well as the hosting municipality. All the local costs will be covered for invited experts and waived for those from ASEAN countries who applied for waive (Application form attached).
The venue of this workshop will be in Wanda Hotel in Jinhua Municipality, Zhejiang Province, China, which is a green city with a fast growing bioeconomy. Transportation to the city is convenient. Air flights to Yiwu Airport, 45 km away from the venue, from Beijing, Guanzhou, Chengdu, Xian and beyond are available every day.
There are many high speed trains stop by Jinhua, from Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing and the surrounding big cities. Pick-up service at Yiwu and Hangzhou airports will be provided.      
We hope this workshop will be again a successful meeting for providing inspiring information of biochar production and application for green development, sharing the experience in developing biochar business and personae training for pushing biochar development in Asian countries and beyond.
We expect a number of Asian delegates up to 40, and of international experts up to 20 as well as up to China domestic delegates up to 50. A detailed program will be released both in website of IBI and our institute. Hereby I cordially invite you to make your responses and pre-registered by filling and sending back the attached registration form by July 31, 2017. An invitation letter for your visa application will be provided no later than 2 weeks after receiving your responses. For more detail, pls contact via emails to Genxing Pan:; or to Daisy Yu:
Looking forward to meeting you in Jinhua this autumn!

所章副本Yours sincerely,

Genxing Pan   潘根兴
Professor, workshop chair
Institute of Resource, Ecosystem and Environment of Agriculture, NAU
cc: Wei Wei, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, NAU
   Mr Houming Lv, Jinhua Institute of Biochar Technology and Engineering

Attachment: Preregistration form (next page)