Tuesday, 29 December 2009

New biochar study collaboration in Cambodia

MaD - Making a Difference for Good!: MaD Organic Farm is an Edinburgh University Biochar Experimental Farm!

I wonder if small stove technology is appropriate in the Cambodian rural setting? I've been advised that fossil fuel distribution for cooking is not entrenched and that there is a charcoal industry for cooking.

Would the introduction of biochar producing stoves, such as those promoted by Worldstove, be a catalyst for change? If freely available waste biomass could replace charcoal as the fuel of choice, and at the same time biochar is identified as improving crop yields & reducing local fertilizer costs / inputs, then a virtuous circle can develop.

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MaD - Making a Difference for Good! said...

There is a Charcoal industry and NO gas is not widely used at all! MOST fires for cooking etc. are charcoal or wood!