Monday, 23 August 2010

Biochar project funding

A new biochar related group has been initiated...

"Biochar Funding": This is the home for discussion devoted to funding opportunities for biochar-related work, at all scales, and anywhere on the planet.

It also intends to serve as a place where you can advertise your current, past and future biochar projects where (a) other biochar practitioners can learn more about your work and/or contact you for collaboration, and (b) donors can learn about what work really is being done in the biochar world, together with success stories and lessons learned.

The idea is to have a place on the internet where practitioners and donors can openly discuss each others' requirements and limitations... hopefully leading towards successful funding opportunities :)


Bryan Hugill said...

Thanks for writing about my new Group :)

AlexLemmy said...

We have problem of keeping most cities in Nigeria clean due to much municipal solid waste menace, hence, we are looking for assistance to having investors and technologies to turn the waste to wealth.
Alex Lemmy Ochonma,
Avilex Nig Ltd