Sunday, 16 June 2013

Biochar making (Philippines) ... where are the TLUD's?

"With many Filipinos still dependent on agriculture, the government faces the challenge of reviving the sector that has posted sluggish growth over the past several years.

Agriculture is also suffering from a degraded environment partly caused by chemical use in farming.

At the first National Conference on Philippine Biochar on April 17, agriculture experts and government and private sector representatives proposed a way to improve soil fertility—biochar, or agricultural waste transformed into organic fertilizer.

The carbonized rice hull (CRH), a type of biochar, is an example of a product of the partial burning of rice hull. Instead of turning the outermost cover of rice grains into waste, it can be carbonized and turned into soil fertilizer. ...."

The article includes a chart on production but is not a step-by-step guide and does not seem to include TLUD which I think is a serious omission. Energy utilization should be an important aspect for the future and TLUD is a great pathway via cook stoves.  A search on this site for "TLUD" pulls 4 reports... particular emphasis on the work of Paul Olivier in Vietnam (4Mar12 & 28Aug12).

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