Thursday, 5 March 2015

International Biochar Symposium 28-29 May

This biochar conference in Germany has strong Malaysian links via UPM. It has an impressive lineup of speakers. Check out the website.
International Biochar Symposium 2015
Biochar – Contribution to Sustainable Agriculture
28 – 29 May 2015, Seminaris SeeHotel Potsdam, Germany
"During the last years the application of biochar to arable land has been suggested as a method to improve soil fertility and plant growth, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and sequester carbon for decades or centuries. But holistic scientific research to identify environmental as well as economic potentials of biochar in the tropics and especially in the temperate zones is limited and needs to be improved. Furthermore, biochars may differ substantially in their chemical, physical and biological properties and therefore in their fate after soil application depending on the biomass material and conversion technology used. Hence, the identification of biochar properties responsible for positive (and negative) impacts on soil fertility, greenhouse gases and carbon sequestration is needed, followed by the development of methods to optimize these biochar properties and soil improvement. The projects “Biochar in Agriculture – Perspectives for Germany and Malaysia” ( and APECS (Anaerobic Pathways to Renewable Energies and Carbon Sinks) ( focus on these research questions. Within this symposium the results of both projects and related research results by other scientists shall be presented and discussed."

This German-Malaysian research link was reported previously here...

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