Friday, 22 May 2015

Kon-Tiki developments in Tasmania

Cone kilns, TFOD's, Kon-Tiki, whatever you like to call them, are rapidly becoming popular for biochar production. There are many clever design innovations being demonstrated around the world. I've been covering this in more detail here,

I'm in regular contact with Frank Strie in Tasmania. He has biochar activity humming in the state, working at the 'carbon' face of the industry. Here is a recent report...

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Frank Strie, Terra-Preta Developments said...

Thanks for the ongoing work Trevor, it is fascinating how fast and effective nowadays good projects can be shared around the globe.
Here the link to the Small Farms Magazine where in the May addition includes a colourful and interestingly detailed article on the Biochar activities under Down Under.
Just in case someone likes to know more about it: I had another long interview by the Journalist about the potential to use on farm made Filterchar for livestock water systems. Later such nutrient loaded material is used to grow plants in it as Biochar.
The credit for this concept belongs to Josh Kearns and his great team of

So we can expect another practical Biochar follow up story in one of the next Small Farms editions.
Kind regards to you all