Monday, 25 January 2016

In support of UASJ

Why publish in the UTAR Agriculture Science Journal ?

The UTAR Agriculture Science Journal (UASJ), published four times a year, addresses all aspects of biological production, including crop and animal science, and sustainability issues concerning soil, water, waste, environment and climate. We think sustainable agriculture is dependent on our willingness and ability to appreciate all the different factors that collectively sustain life on earth.

Normal academic journals cater for academic scientists and make limited impact in the world of agriculture. UASJ aims to make maximum impact. Recognizing the energizing power of a good story, we require our authors to make impact through skill in exposition: every article should be informative, interesting and inspiring without mathematical and technical jargon.

UASJ is freely available on the Internet. Anyone with a smart phone or laptop can access its contents. Simultaneously UASJ is produced as a traditional printed journal, so that it can be cited like a printed journal and be used and archived in conventional libraries. The general style and format can be obtained from recent past issues on the UASJ website:

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