Sunday, 2 April 2017

Paul Olivier in Vietnam - gasifier dome

Paul Olivier has shared some of his stove development work... great looking photos of his stoves...

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From: Paul Olivier
Date: 1 April 2017 at 20:09
Subject: nichrome wire mesh dome
To: Paul Olivier

I took a long time for the nichrome wire mesh to arrive from China.
And it took a long time for the shop to make the mold to make the dome.
The dome in operation with a pot (100 gasifier) looks like this:

After a burn, there is no smell.
The pot does not blacken.
The dome does not change color after a burn.
Here you see the dome after 5 burns:
It looks like it was never used.
Ordinary 304 stainless steel changes color after one burn.
Nichrome stays the same.
Nichrome is special.
Nichrome does not change shape and keeps its original form.

The wire diameter is 0.20 mm.
The wire openings are 0.64 mm.
The open area of the wire mesh is greater than 58%.
Tomorrow Truc Duong will do some more tests.

Paul Olivier

Paul A. Olivier PhD
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