Thursday, 12 July 2018

International Biochar Seminar, Indonesia

I received a late invite to "Biochar for Sustainable Soils", hosted by Bogor Agricultural University, about 60km south of Jakarta. The line up included quite a few international stars of the biochar world that I've met before at various conferences and workshops: Johannes Lehmann; Stephen Joseph; Annette Cowie; Lukas Van Zwieten; Gerard Cornelissen; Ruy Korscha.

You can click on the image adjacent for a better view of the program.

The event was based around the completion of Biochar for Sustainable Soils (B4SS), 4-year, a multi-million dollar international program (see B4SS label for other posts). It was attended by ~140, mainly from Indonesian agriculture and research community but included representatives from other participating B4SS countries and Malaysia.

The presentations should be available for download in the future... I'll post on this when they come available.

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