Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Workshop Cambodia: Report from Sarah Carter

Workshop on Biochar Production & Uses
Monday 22nd – Tuesday 23rd November 2010
The workshop was a huge success, with 29 delegates attending the meeting, and 19 staying for the field trip the second day.

Biochar: Production & Use, Cambodia 22.11.2010. Picture by Vichida Tan
The workshop report is now available, and presentations can be downloaded below.
This meeting discussed the current state of biochar production and use in Cambodia, and explored the potential for development of new technologies – both large and small scale, with a particular focus on gasification cook stoves. Issues for consideration to policy makers, and prototype guidelines for sustainable biochar deployment as an agricultural soil amendment were also discussed.
Biochar is the result of thermally treating biomass (including wood, agricultural residues, paper sludge) in a zero to low oxygen environment to produce a charcoal type material.
This meeting is part of the ‘Enabling Bio-innovations for Poverty Alleviation in Asia Project’, funded through IDRC-CRDI (

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