Saturday, 11 December 2010

WorldStove 5-step program

Check out this WorldStove project model, developed around their activities in Africa. It would be nice to see this transposed into SEA setting.  Particularly where a local charcoal for fuel industry is having negative affects on the natural forest...
Summary of the Five Step Plan:
Step 1. Local group wanting this Stove Hub provides building, and personnel, WorldStove provides 3 Biucci and 30 Beaner stoves plus a small briquette press.
Step 2. Once the Stove Hub has demonstrated availability of all materials necessary to complete construction of 500 stoves, WorldStove will arrange for the first 500 critical components, necessary tools and a small pellet press to kick start the program.
Step 3. Before a large press (600kg per hour) is provided, the Stove Hub must demonstrate orders for stoves or fuel or having established a reliable demand for stoves.
Step 4. If they demonstrate that they are measuring, evaluating, and storing char, then Stove Hub can enter the carbon credit program.
Step 5: Once Stove Hub has collected 5 tons of char, WorldStove will help the Stove Hub develop aforestation and soil restoration programs.

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Trevor said...

Nathanial from WorldStove has replied to my comments on his announcement on the Biochar Offsets Linkedin discussion group. It seems that WorldStove are open to collaborations in SEA but it may take some time and effort from local a NGO to initiate a project.*2.gmp_2446475