Friday, 12 August 2011

ADB Job Opportunity: Biomass and Biochar Technology Specialist

This follows on from the recent ADB announcement covered in my earlier post...

"The subject regional capacity development technical assistance (R-CDTA) aims to improve utilization of biomass in Cambodia, Lao PDR and Viet Nam (CLV). This will be achieved through: (i) harmonization of sustainable standards, certification systems, and other mechanisms to enhance regional cooperation on bioenergy development with food security ensured; (ii) implementation of pilot projects to demonstrate mechanisms for scaling up biomass investment projects for bioenergy or food security; (iii) capacity-building support for project stakeholders; and (iv) knowledge products and awareness campaign. The mechanisms for scaling up demonstrated under the R-CDTA are expected to lead to ensuing ADB investment projects in Cambodia, Laos, and Viet Nam" 

"The specialist will be in charge of:
  1. review biomass availability, including seasonality, pricing, quality, and competing demand (if any) and the biomass and charcoal briquetting sector, and logistics issues surrounding feedstock supply for small-sized projects;
  2. design and conduct a beneficiary needs assessment of traditional biomass, feedstock, and charcoal briquetting supply agents and benefit streams, and conduct a comparative analysis of various biomass conversion technologies, including financing models, delivery mechanisms, and program modalities (e.g., compost making, biochar);
  3. provide benchmarks for technical performance and carbon credit potentials;
  4. develop a framework for the application of these technologies, including aspects related to institutional needs, financing needs, and information, awareness, and capacity-building needs, and conduct gender-sensitive capacity-building activities;
  5. conduct gender-sensitive capacity-building activities and interventions; and
  6. design a biomass conversion pilot project for composting, biochar, etc., where deemed appropriate."
  • Extensive knowledge about biomass and biochar use for bioenergy, including the charcoal briquetting sector and various conversion technologies
  • Technical Background
  • Knowledge about the existing biomass use initiatives in GMS region as well as the existing institutional framework in GMS countries
  • Experience in design of biomass conversion pilot projects is an advantage
  • Experienced in capacity building activities on biomass and biochar
  • Previous work experience within international donors funded projects
  • Previous work experience on ADB funded projects is an advantage
  • His/her experience should include assignments in Lao PDR, Cambodia and Vietnam.
  • Citizenship of one of ADB’s member countries is obligatory! (see"

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