Friday, 9 October 2015

Biochar water treatment training in Thailand

Register by Oct 30 for a 10-day intensive training course in water treatment using biochar by Aqueous Solutions

Aqueous Solutions is offering a 10-day intensive training course in water treatment using biochar. The workshop will take place from January 3-12 2016, and will be held at Pun Pun Centre for Self Reliance, located in northern Thailand.
The workshop will provide participants with comprehensive practical training in the generation and application of biochar adsorbent for control of organic chemical contaminants in low cost household and community water treatment. The course will combine lecture/discussion sessions with a great deal of participatory hands-on activities. Participants will gain technical competence in generation of biochar adsorbent using common local materials and tools, as well as methods for integration of biochar adsorption in multi-barrier treatment systems that address both biological and chemical water contaminants.
See for more information including how to apply to the workshop.

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