Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Biochar-compost mixture as amendment... oil palm seedlings (Malaysia)

Biochar-compost mixture as amendment for improvement of polybag-growing media and oil palm seedlings at main nursery stage | SpringerLink


"Biochar, compost, and biochar-compost amendment improved polybag media’s chemical properties (pH, total C and N, C:N ratio, CEC, Mg, and Ca). There were no significant effects of the amendments on shoot biomass. However, root growth and shoot:root ratio significantly improved with 1.5% w/w C addition and 30% (v/v) compost with 75% recommended fertiliser rates applied. Furthermore, nutrient leaching measurement indicates that, EFB biochar significantly reduced ammonium-N leaching up to 21–46%."


"Overall, this study demonstrates the potential of biochar and compost co-application to improve the chemical properties of polybag medium and root development of oil palm seedlings."

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