Monday, 13 November 2017

What is your biochar story?

​Let's get regional biochar news stories some international air...

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Date: 13 November 2017 at 03:26
Subject: [biochar] What is your biochar story? Help IBI help you, through Networking, Education, and Demonstration

What is your biochar story? How are you using biochar and what have you learned about how to use it (and, how not to use it) with your crops and soils. How do you measure “success” with biochar? Share your story and IBI will help you find solutions.

The directors of the International Biochar Initiative will meet in Nanjing, China, next week to plan our activities for 2018. We welcome your suggestions. In the past year we have had a very productive series of newsletters, webinars, a study tour, and exchanges here and on other social media. We have supported international conferences and regional efforts in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas. We thank the businesses, NGOs, students, and professionals who have joined IBI to help with our goals to use biochar to improve soil health, food security, clean water, the environment, and climate resilience. We promote the use of safe, stable, and sustainable biochar through Networking, Education, and Demonstration. We have a new “All Star” Science Committee that will provide periodic reviews of research to members. We have ideas about webinars, study tours, demonstrations, online courses, biochar “solutioneering” teams to address specific issues, and improved  characterization, standards, and certification. IBI is managed by a small staff and volunteers. It is funded by members and donors. In the short term we need funds to improve our delivery and exchange of information through the website and social media. Join IBI and help us help you.

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