Thursday, 28 May 2009

IBI South East Asia

I have created this blog with the specific goal of establishing a South East Asian biochar interest group similar to others that are show-cased on the International Biochar Initiative (IBI) website.

I recently attended the first Asia-Pacific Biochar Conference and noted that groups are currently active in Japan, Australia and New Zealand only (in the SEA region). I foresee that groups will eventually be formed in many SEA countries. I hope to gather interest for a group here in Malaysia, but as a first step, I propose that a regional group be formed. I suggest this because there are many countries in the region at various stages of economic development that may struggle to get a group underway. Also, regional activity on biochar currently ranges from minor to almost nil.

I have contacted IBI and received their support for a SEA biochar group. They will be able to offer a webpage on their new site which will be released mid-June.

I suggest that a small management team be tasked with activities leading to the formal establishment of the SEA group. These activities might be,
  1. communication with IBI & existing regional groups (Japan, Australia, NZ)
  2. planning for a management team meeting
  3. discussion on the structure of a regional group
  4. regional biochar initiatives
  5. investigation of local, regional & international funding avenues for the above activities.
I don't think that a management team or biochar group needs formal structure yet. This could happen as and when activity grows.

If you have an opinion on this proposal, then I would welcome your posting to this blog.

Kind regards,