Friday, 24 July 2015

Biochar project report from Dennis Enright in Thailand

Dennis is a kiwi commercial organic vegetable grower who is volunteering his holiday time in Thailand. He helped me establish the NZ biochar interest group, AllBlackEarth in 2013 and is now sharing his knowledge on biochar production and application in Thailand.

Dennis has prepared a 2-page report (with photos) on the progress of the project...

"Green Net, a Thai social enterprise organisation based in Bangkok is interested in knowing whether biochar can be shown to be an effective tool to assist organic farmers to manage soil nutrients and soil moisture content. That is, a tool to help "climate proof" crop yields.

In August 2014, they organised workshops for two organic farmer groups, one in Chanchengsao, a province near Bangkok and the other at Maetha near Chiang Mai where they discussed biochar, made biochar, and then established some small field experiments to see if they could see any benefits. ..."

You can download a PDF of the report here.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Biochar, Top Lit Open Burn Brush Pile Style

Steve has done a great job describing his experience with a top-lit pile burn.
If biochar and carbon has a value to plantations in the future, then this simple method may be the starting point for a biochar production revolution.