Thursday 9 April 2015

Project report from Thailand

Jay White has produced a great report on his work with TLUD's and biochar in Thailand. The project was located at two sites in Chang Mai in January and February this year.
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Promotion of Clean Emissions Charcoal Production and Use of Biochar


"The PCV discussed these observations and research with the agricultural specialists at the Sub-district Administrative Organization (SAO) of Tambon Soppoeng and the Mae Lod Royal Agricultural Project. Both parties expressed interest in promoting the TLUD kiln technology and the use of biochar in the community. The PCV and staff of the SAO and Royal Project agreed that before promoting these technologies the organizers of this project needed to become practiced with the operation of the TLUD kiln and with it test pyrolysis of different locally available feedstocks. The primary goal of this project was to promote continued use of biochar and the TLUD kiln among community members. The testing of TLUD kiln use on different feedstocks was a secondary outcome necessary for achieving the primary goal.

The project’s design had three objectives to meet the goal of promoting the TLUD kiln and biochar use.
  • Objective 1: Build two TLUD kilns with counterparts in the SAO and Royal Project and test their use on five locally available feedstocks. These feedstocks were hardwood waste from fruit trees, bamboo, corn cobs, rice husks, and rice straw.
  • Objective 2: Promote the TLUD kiln design and the production of biochar in two trainings, at the Sao and the Royal Project, open to the local public and select 10 participants from the most interested attendees.
  • Objective 3: Provide free TLUD kilns and personal training for the 10 participants in the use of their TLUD kiln and in the incorporation of resulting charcoal into organic fertilizer. "

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