Monday 24 February 2014

Biochar – The Next Stage In Climate Action

From ... a nice 30min video focusing on some of the potential for biochar to impact positively on people, the environment and climate.

CoolPlanet related press release - Malaysia

"Asia Bioenergy Technologies Bhd (AsiaBio), via associate Nexfuel Ltd, is targeting to construct up to three fuel production plants costing US$70mil (RM230.9mil) each, and securing the offtakers by the first half of the year. The plants will have a capacity of 10 million gallons each.AsiaBio is in talks with a couple of plantation companies and is hoping to construct two plants in Johor and one in Pahang. The first plant is targeted to be set up by 2016"

"We will secure the offtakers before tying up with the plantation companies to set up the plant. We intend to put biochar into our existing product, a microbe we have branded under the name ‘Artisan’."

Clean Stove Technology RFP - Indonesia

Crispin Pembert-Pigott has provided links to potential TLUD stove producer project opportunities in Indonesia. Links and discussion on this can be found in the February 'stoves' discussion archive. Scroll to bottom, 20Feb. Crispin's original link is broken (repaired below)...

"There was a RFTP (Request for Technology Proposals) issued by the Government of Indonesia seeking improved stoves for Central Java Province. 
The relevant document is available in English and Bahasa Indonesia at:"