Tuesday 13 July 2010

Yunnan biochar study

Back from a week in Kunming, where we finalised an agreement with the Yunnan Green Environment Development Foundation (YGF) to provide local support for the study. They are a small NGO associated with the Yunnan forestry department. Kunming seems like a nice place to live. Wide, clean streets with lots of planting. Parks, lakes & rivers. The climate is moderate all year and air seems clean. The streets are very quiet... lots of motorbikes but almost all are electric... way ahead of the pack on this front.

All the hotels seem to offer good quality, free internet connections but one problem we have found is the indiscriminate blocking of websites. As an example this blogger site is not accessible. Nor is google sites, where we have located our project collaboration wiki. This problem should be considered before you set up sites, if you plan to collaborate in China. I was unable to access a number of other sites, including worldstove! I wonder how you get off the black-list or through the not-so-great firewall of China. Some trip photos...