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Biochar Conference Proceedings - Italy, August 2017

Huge program here, 5-days, 85 presentations / posters, mainly on production and environmental applications (not so much on agriculture).
August 20-25, 2017
Hotel Calissano
Alba, Italy
Editors:  Franco Berruti, Western University, London, Ontario, Canada
 Raffaella Ocone, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK
 Ondrej Masek, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK
The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.
Conference Program, Franco Berruti, Ondrej Masek, and Raffaella Ocone (Article)
Biochar: From ligno-cellulosic materials to engineered products for environmental services, Manuel Garcia-Perez (Abstract and Presentation)
Thermocatalytic-Reforming (TCR®) and TCR®-biochar properties, Markus Heberlein, Fabian Stenzel, and Andreas Hornung (Abstract and Presentation)
Autothermal biochar production and characterization at pilot scale, Andrea M. Rizzo, Marco Pettorali, Lorenzo Bettuci, Giulia Lotti, Renato Nistri, and David Chiaramonti (Abstract and Presentation)
Woody and agricultural biomass diversity in torrefaction: A complete study in solid conversion and volatiles formation on TGA-GCMS, María González Martínez, Capucine Dupont, Xuan Mi Meyer, and Christophe Gourdon (Abstract and Presentation)
Production and characterization of slow pyrolysis biochar from lignin-rich digested stillage from 2nd generation bioethanol production, Frederik Ronsse, Dane Dickinson, and Wolter Prins (Abstract and Presentation)
A three-stage thermochemical conversion process for the production of biochar, Alessandro Scova, Vander Tumiatti, and Francesco Lenzi (Abstract and Presentation)
Biochar from microwave pyrolysis of selected feedstocks, Tanisha M. Dreise, Daya R. Nhuchhen, and Muhammad T. Afzal (Abstract and Presentation)
Biochar production through slow pyrolysis of different biomass materials: Seeking the best operating conditions, Joan J. Manyà, Manuel Azuara, and José A. Manso (Abstract and Presentation)
Investigation of innovative and conventional pyrolysis of ligneous and herbaceous biomasses for biochar production, Marina Morando, Silvia Fiore, Cedric Briens, and Franco Berruti (Abstract and Presentation)
Pyrolysis of residues from well-established biochemical processes for the production of biochar, Devon Barry, Cedric Briens, and Franco Berruti (Abstract and Presentation)
Biochar production through hydrothermal carbonization: Energy efficiency and cost analysis of an industrial-scale plant, Michela Lucian,; Fabio Merzari; and Luca Fiori (Abstract and Presentation)
Production of activated carbon from barley biochar precursor, Javier Pallarés, Ana González-Cencerrado, and Inmaculada Ramos (Abstract and Presentation)
Activation and mild oxidation of vacuum pyrolysis biochar, Serge Kaliaguine and Raoof Bardestani (Abstract and Presentation)
Modeling of radical structures in biochar using DFT calculations, Anna Trubetskaya, Markus Broström, Mogens Larsen Andersen, and Søren Talbro Barsberg (Abstract)
BiocharFX: Production with carbonFX technology, characterization and applications in potting soil related to plant production, Sébastien Lange and Sylvain Bertrand (Abstract and Presentation)
Biochar production and application in the Intermountain West, Darren McAvoy (Abstract and Presentation)
Biochar: Product development in remote regions from mixed residues, Kelly Hawboldt, Stephanie MacQuarrie, and Hanieh Bamdad (Abstract and Presentation)
Biochar characterization: Standard biochar and the Charchive, Ondrej Masek (Article)
How to produce a potential high value bio-char from the worst invasive plant in Canada, Chiara Barbiero, Franco Berruti, and Cedric Briens (Abstract and Presentation)
Characterization of biochar pore structure with X-ray tomography, Jari Hyväluoma, Jaakko Heikkinen, Sampo Kulju, Markus Hannula, Hanne Wikberg, Anssi Källi, and Kimmo Rasa (Abstract and Presentation)
Novel bio-char characterization strategies and their use to study the chemical and morphological evolution of material derived from xylan, cellulose and lignin, Matthew W. Smith and Manuel Garcia-Perez (Abstract and Presentation)
Production of biochar and development of predictive methods for determining performance in value-added composite materials, Douglas Cuthbertson, Franco Berruti, and Cedric Briens (Abstract and Presentation)
Off-gassing of charred pellets during storage, Shahab Sokhansanj, C. J. Lim, and Sudhagar Mani (Abstract and Presentation)
Changes in carbon structure distribution and nanostructure of functionalized biochars, Elsa Weiss-Hortala, Marion Ducousso, Maxime Hervy, Sarah Berhanu, Doan Pham Minh, Anthony Chesnaud, Alain Thorel, and Ange Nzihou (Abstract and Presentation)
Biochar from gasification in cultivated soils and riparian buffer zones: Chemical characterization, Ivano Vassura, Elisa Venturini, Alessandro G. Rombolà, Daniele Fabbri, Cristian Torri, Marco Errani, and Roberto Reggiani (Abstract and Presentation)
Biochar characterization and EU27 law harmonization: REFERTIL results, Edward Someus and Massimo Pugliese (Abstract and Presentation)
Hydrothermal carbonization of sewage sludge: Char characterization and reference to international legislations, Fabio Merzari, Gianni Andreottola, Maurizio Volpe, Fabio Valentinuzzi, Tanja Mimmo, Stefano Cesco, and Luca Fiori (Abstract and Presentation)
Hydrous pyrolysis of digestate as alternative to post composting in a biowaste anaerobic digestion facility, Maria Laura Mastellone (Abstract and Presentation)
Mobile organic compounds in biochar. Relationships with carbonization degree and bio-oil composition, Daniele Fabbri and Michele Ghidotti (Abstract and Presentation)
Lab-scale pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonization of biomass digestate: Characterization of solid products, Edoardo Miliotti, David Casini, Matteo Prussi, Giulia Lotti, Lorenzo Bettucci, Andrea Maria Rizzo, and David Chiaramonti (Abstract and Presentation)
Physical properties of charred pellets after two months of storage, C.J. Lim, Shahab Sokhansanj, and Sudhagar Mani (Abstract and Presentation)
Analysis of product distribution and characteristics of bio-oil and bio-char from fast pyrolysis of date palm tree waste, Yassir Makkawi, Paul Nancarrow, Ahmed El Sharkawy, Tony Bridgwater, Scott Banks, and Stuart Jones (Article)
Pyrolysis of cotton stalks and utilization of pyrolysis char for sustainable soil enhancement and carbon storage, Sebastian Schaffer, Tobias Pröll, Rafat Al Afif, and Christoph Pfeifer (Abstract and Presentation)
Multi-technique characterization of biochar formation, Anthony Dufour, Yann Le Brech, Luc Delmotte, Jésus Raya, Nicolas Brosse, Guillain Mauviel, and Roger Gadiou (Abstract and Presentation)
Biochar quality management, Ataullah Khan, Don Harfield, Bruce Hillen, Fabian Stenzel, and Andreas Homung (Abstract and Presentation)
Which policy for biochar deployment in Southern EU? An integrated approach is possible, David Chiaramonti(Abstract and Presentation)
Biochar for remediating contaminated soils: Outdoor experiments in Wales, UK, Alayne Street-Perrott, Siôn Brackenbury, Iain Robertson, Aoife Ryan, Robert Davison, and Heather De-Quincey (Abstract and Presentation)
Monolithic biochar as electrode in supercapacitor, Charles Q. Jia, Johnathon N. Caguiat, and Donald W. Kirk(Abstract and Presentation)
Biochar for pollutant removal from aqueous solutions, Hamid Trimech, Anastasia Colomba, Franco Berruti, and Raffaella Ocone (Abstract and Presentation)
Biochar and ash amendment effects on mine reclamation in the boreal forest, Jillian M.H. Bieser and Sean C. Thomas (Abstract and Presentation)
Agronomic benefits and detriments of using biochar, Carlo Grignani, Raghunath Subedi, Chiara Bertora, and Laura Zavattaro (Abstract and Presentation)
Evaluating the potential of biochar for reducing bioavailable heavy metal fractions in polluted soil, Rosa I. Soria, Raisa Tjarinto, Stephen A. Rolfe, and Steven F. Thornton (Abstract and Presentation)
Carbon sequestration using bio-refinery residues, Ondřej Mašek (Abstract and Presentation)
Biochar addition in the anaerobic digestion of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste for biogas production, Ciro Florio, Paola Giudicianni, Stefano Dumontet, Vincenzo Pasquale, Raffaele Ragucci, Angelo Ausiello, Gaetano Zuccaro, Giuseppe Toscano, and Domenico Pirozzi (Abstract)
Evaluation of the environmental benefits of biochar addition into concrete-based composites, Isabella Bianco, Mauro Giorcelli, Massimo Rovere, Alberto Tagliaferro, Gian Andrea Blengini, and Silvia Bobba (Abstract and Presentation)
The role of bio-char as an agro-environmental tool: Formation mechanism and potential for control water release, bacterial retention and greenhouse gas emissions, Waled Suliman and Manuel Garcia-Perez(Abstract and Presentation)
Developing biosensors as monitoring tools to assess the performance of biochar amended contaminated soil, Bastian Saputra, Stephen Rolfe, and Steve Thornton (Abstract and Presentation)
Bio char as cheap and environmental friendly filler able to improve polymer mechanical properties, Aamer Khan, Mauro Giorcelli, Carlo Rosso, and Alberto Tagliaferro (Abstract)
A novel solution for utilizing liquid fractions from slow pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonization - Acidification of animal slurry, Kimmo Rasa, Jari Hyväluoma, Hanne Wikberg, Anssi Källi, Tapio Salo, and Riikka Keskinen(Abstract and Presentation)
Biochar-ammonium phosphate as an uncoated-slow release fertilizer in sandy soil, Haytham Elsharkawi(Abstract and Presentation)
Microwave characterization and shielding properties of biochar based polymers and cements, Patrizia Savi(Abstract and Presentation)
The effects of biochar as a soil amendment on soil quality and plant growth, Ok-Youn Yu (Abstract and Presentation)
Adsorption of Ammonium (NH4+) Ions onto various Vietnamese biomass residue-derived biochars (wood, rice husk and bamboo), Nguyen Van Hien, Eugenia Valsami-Jones, Nguyen Cong Vinh, Tong Thi Phu, Nguyen Thi Thanh Tam, and Iseult Lynch (Abstract and Presentation)
Effect of biochar addition on carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions from a temperate agricultural soil, Maren Oelbermann (Abstract and Presentation)
Arsenic removal from drinking water by means of low cost biochars derived from miscanthus and coconut shell, Tommaso Marengo, Silvia Fiore, Cedric Briens, and Franco Berruti (Abstract and Presentation)
Characteristic studies on the waste biomass-based biochars produced by fast pyrolysis, Ramin Azargohar, Sonil Nanda, Janusz A. Kozinski, Ajay K. Dalai, and Ronny Sutarto (Abstract and Presentation)
The influence of biochar on soil characteristics in a temperate agroecosystem, Maren Oelbermann (Abstract and Presentation)
Can biochar link forest restoration with commercial agriculture?, David C. Smith and Kristin Trippe (Abstract and Presentation)
Thermal evolution of biochar and its physicochemical properties during hydrothermal gasification, Sonil Nanda, Ajay K. Dalai, Franco Berruti, and Janusz A. Kozinski (Abstract and Presentation)
Pyrolytic temperature evaluation of macauba biochar for uranium adsorption from aqueous solutions, Sabine Neusatz Guilhen, Nilce Ortiz, Denise Alves Fungaro, and Ondrej Masek (Abstract and Presentation)
Overview of biochar for electrochemistry applications, Capucine Dupont (Abstract and Presentation)
Evaluation of the long-term effects of pre-conditioned biochar on soil organic carbon in temperate soils using the Century Soil Organic Matter model, Maren Oelbermann (Abstract and Presentation)
Developing a method of accounting for the material use of biomass/biochar and its positive side benefits within the company carbon footprint: A case study at Hochschule Geisenheim University, Georg Ardissone and Claudia Kammann (Abstract and Presentation)
Life cycle assessment of biochar production from southern pine, Sudhagar Mani and Yu Qiu (Abstract and Presentation)
Behavioral factors affecting the adoption of biochar of farmers in Canada, Maren Oelbermann (Abstract and Presentation)
NewCarbon innovation for sustainable agriculture, soil remediation and water / effluent purification, Marius van der Merwe and Kristin Trippe (Abstract)
Biochars from various biomass types as anodes for sodium-ion batteries, Capucine Dupont, Carolina del Mar Saavedra Rios, Virginie Simone, Loïc Simonin, and Sébastien Martinet (Abstract)
Biofuel production via dry and wet torrefaction of agro-industrial waste: A comparative study, Maurizio Volpe, Fabio Merzari, Gianni Andreottola, and Luca Fiori (Abstract)
Three-dimensional rendering of biochar surfaces from their FESEM images, Amelia Carolina Sparavigna, Mauro Giorcelli, and Salvatore Antonio Guastella (Abstract)
Production, characterization and application of activated biochar from wood residues, Flavia Lega Braghiroli, Hassine Bouafif, Carmen Mihaela Neculita, and Ahmed Koubaa (Abstract)
Analysis of total organic carbon in soil-biochar systems, Daniele Fabbri, Ivano Vassura, Cristian Torri, Alessandro G. Rombolà, and Elisa Venturini (Abstract)
Microwave characterization and shielding properties of biochar based polymers and cements, Patrizia Savi, Mauro Giorcelli, and Ahmad Bayat (Abstract)
Adsorption isotherm determination and heavy metal removal by acid-washed softwood biochar, Raisa Tjarinto, Stephen A. Rolfe, and Steven F. Thornton (Abstract)
Biochar for gas sensors devices, Daniele Ziegler, Mauro Giorcelli, Alberto Tagliaferro, and Jean Marc Tulliani(Abstract)
Modifying effect of biochar by mixing it with digestate, Helena Dvořáčková, Jaroslav Záhora, Jan Hladký, Jindřich Kynický, and Martin Brtnický (Abstract)
Effect of sulfuric acid pre-treatment on the pyrolysis of sewage sludge, Nadia Ruiz-Gomez, María Martínez, María Atienza-Martínez, Javier Ábrego, and Gloria Gea (Abstract)
Preparation of biochar and activated carbon from cocoa pod husk by using microwave as ammonium carrier in urea-based fertilizer, Fisal Ahmad, Mohd Azmier Ahmad, and Nurul Amisha Abdul Mutalib (Abstract)
The use of a sustainable biochar compost for stabilizing and revegetating metal-mine tailings heaps, Heather De-Quincey, Iain Robertson, Alayne Street-Perrott, and Siôn Brackenbury (Abstract)
Characterization of biochar from Peko Pe gasifier cookstoves, Henrik Kofoed Nielsen and Jørgen Møklebust Austvik (Abstract)
Biochar: Soil amendment for the future of tree survival?, Emma Schaffert (Abstract)
Solar assisted pyrolysis for biochar production, Paola Giudicianni, Raffaele Ragucci, Rui Li, and Gilles Flamant (Abstract)
Perspectives in the use of biochars as low-cost CO2 adsorbents, Valentina Gargiulo, Paola Giudicianni, Conchi O. Ania, Alicia Gomis Berenguer, Raffaele Ragucci, and Michela Alfè (Abstract)
Biochar fracture resistance, Guillain Mauviel, Christophe Naisse, Véronique Falk, and Anthony Dufour(Abstract)