Monday 6 May 2019

Biochar Enthusiasts South East Asia... new FB-group

I have been posting here on biochar since May 2009. 10 years and 453 posts later, I'm feeling it become a burden in its current form, with very little group feed-back. Although (like many!) I hate many aspects of Facebook, I have found it much easier to manage and more engaging (based on my experience with 

I hope the new group will resemble 'flame cap' production in the region... the current site feels like a smoldering old earth pile! There are a number of biochar groups in SEA but language and distance are a barrier to cooperation. I hope this new group can provide more useful linkage across the region. I would welcome discussion, regional posts and help... do feel free to join the group.

I will push out another newsletter under the current format to circulate the news.