Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Biochar project proposals

One of the original requirements of the Yunnan Biochar study for FAO was the preparation of at least two biochar project proposals. As the study progressed, it became apparent that a broader approach was needed to represent the many, varied project opportunities that were ready for funding or under development. A total of nine project proposals have been submitted to FAO as part of the study...
  1. Biochar Soil Trials in Cambodia - Testing an Optimization Tool for the Integration of Biochar into the Farming Energy System (UKBRC) 
  2. Field Demonstration of Fast Pyrolysis Biochars (Black is Green Pty Ltd)
  3. Solid biofuel for cooking purposes and biochar production in low-income households (UniKL MICET)
  4. Cookstove Implementation in China and Cambodia - Who would Use Gasification Cook Stoves?: A Trial Deployment in China and Cambodia
  5. Biochar and Rural Development in Thailand - Biochar as a Soil Amendment in Sustainable Rural Development in Thai Environments and Sub-cultures: Increased Crop Production for Smallholders through the Low Tech Production and Use of Biochar from Thinly Distributed Feedstock (Thai Biochar Initiative & UBI)
  6. Producing Biochar to Reduce GHG Emissions from Hydropower Projects and Improve Village Livelihood: Lao PDR Case Study (Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, Thailand)
  7. Phosphorus and Biochar Research in Malaysia - Biochar in Tropical Soils: Elucidating the Effects of Amendment Types on Fertilizer Phosphorus Dynamics, Soil Carbon Emission and Sequestration around the Kinabantangan River Area of Sabah, Malaysia (School of Sustainable Agriculture, Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia)
  8. Industrial Demonstration of Biochar in Yunnan: Industrialization and Agricultural Application of Biochar from Crop Residues and Animal Manures in Yunnan Province
  9. Biochar from Natural and Planted Forest Residues in Yunnan: Proposal for Demonstration Project to Make Biochar from the Residues of Forest Products Processing.

It may take some time for FAO to digest all of these proposals and it may not be realistic to expect immediate funding. The project proposals are open to collaboration and support from other parties. To this end, please contact me if you are interested in receiving more information on any of the above project proposals. I will liaise with FAO regarding any participation on their part.

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